Tuesday, 1 May 2018

April – Miniatures Tally

April has been a rather quiet month. Dead quiet the first three weeks and then a modelling rush during the last one (as you might have noticed from the updates). A few minis painted, a few bought and nothing sold.
April summed up:
Total: - 12

I just bought one 1/72 scale gun and four 28mm pulp figures. They are still in the mail, but I look forward to them, as at least two of the figures will hit the painting table fast. What are they, I hear you ask. Armed nuns!
Total: 5

Sold or given away:
Total: - 0

Bought:              64
Painted:            -55
Sale:              -129
Total:            - 120


  1. Just what the world needs Joakim more nuns with bloody guns, wath ever happen to turn the other cheek & forgive those that have done you wrong ? :)