Tuesday 29 May 2018

Birds, part 1 – Archaeopteryx, raven, vulture, owl and a hawk

It’s been a rather slow couple of weeks when it comes to modelling. I’ve been busy with work, gaming with the toys I have (What a Tanker has hit the table a couple of times, and it is a very fun game), the garden need a lot of attention, our summer-place got a leaky roof that needs taking care of and weather here is amazingly good - we have had a month of excellent summer in spring. So it’s been slow.
Anyway here is a little something. I was inspired by a blog-post on animals the other day and rummaged around in the mountain for some birds that I had already prepped. Some internet searches for photos of said birds as inspiration and I started.
These are the first ones finished.
Archaeopteryx. Okay, not a bird and no photos for reference, but they got wings and will certainly be aggressive in some game in the future. They come from Tamiya’s excellent 1/35 scale Mesozoic Creatures set (you will see much more of that here) and are twins as I bought two boxes.
The owl is from Mantic. I’m not sure from which sprue, though, but probably some elves. It’s a nice but not great little bird. It sits on branch from a sprue of some sort of living tree-thingies GW had way back.
vulture and a raven from Reaper. The raven is so-so and very large, and I painted it more like a crow. I rather like the vulture. Both come from the Familiar Pack VIII.
Finally a hawk from Otherworld’s Lesser Familiars pack. It’s just a great little model, as usual from Otherworld.
More birds to come shortly, and even more in a little while (I seem to have made a little purchasing-mistake…it's all Koen's fault!)
Happy gaming and modelling!


  1. Excellent job. An array of familiars suitable for many uses

    1. Animals, just like scatter terrain, are stuff that is always useful to have, and they see action more often than most other minis

  2. The vulture does look good but I quite like the owl, as you said these will liven up any table.

    1. Hmm, this is all your fault ;)
      It's expensive following your blog, but that's worth it :D
      I do like these small animals, stuff like this is always good to make fun terrain for your games.