Tuesday, 19 February 2019

A varied bunch of pulp minis

Here’s the latest from the painting table, a bunch of pulp minis that took a bit longer than expected to finish.
The figures come from:
Warlord, and their Operation Sealion Enemy Agents pack. It’s a nice additional nun that will be useful, as they are, and the other two will find a place in a game of Pulp Alley, I’m sure.
Artizan Designs and the final figure from their Merchant Sailors pack
RAFM – a gigantic doctor from their Cthulhu range. The size of that head compared to the others... Their RAFM figures are all over the place size-wise, which is really annoying.

Finally two pics of 3D-printed stuff waiting for paint. More on what has happened on the 3D-printing front soon.


  1. All rather nice. Lovely paint job.

  2. You're prints looks so nice. I've got a friend who also has a Prusa i3 MK3 and he has printed a few models for me, but they look nowhere near as good as yours. The layers are very visible on his prints.

    Have you done any special calibrations of your printer in order to achieve this level of quality?

    1. I've got the same printer, and mine is factory-assembled. He might have some issues there.
      One thing is to try another filament make.
      I've played around with the printer a bit, to try to get an understanding of the machine and how to get what I want.
      I think the thing is to know which quality to use when. In the pics the grey pieces are mostly 0.2mm layer height, which works well for big pieces, but the beige ones are around 0.1 that gives much better resolution. Also, upgrade the firmware and software, as the newer versions tend to give you better results.
      Maybe he should buy the harware upgrade just released, as it looks as if that will give you somewhat better end-results.
      There is so much to learn and so many mistakes to be made :-D I'm still very much a rookie (and have made many mistakes)

  3. Great looking figures Joakim! The way the light is catching the Artizan sailor he looks to have an eye patch which is pretty neat :)