Wednesday, 1 May 2019

3D-Printing Review: Death Werewolf from Printed Obsession

Printed Obsession kindly sent a couple of pre-release files from their Hell Hath No Fury kickstarter for me to try out, and here is one of them.
This, a Death Werewolf, is actually a first for me, as it is the first figure I have printed. It looked daunting to say the least. Lots of details.
I sliced it in Sli3r, layer height 0.07 with supports. Printed in a Prusa i3 MK 3 with a generic filament (from Clas Ohlsson).
What came out after two and a half hours looked like a lump of plastic, but after I had removed all the support material something resembling a black werewolf emerged. I hit it with a short blast from a heat-gun to melt flimsy pieces of stray plastic.
After painting it looks like a great playing piece from a normal arms-length (or in the pics here). In a close-up pic (like when you click on these pics to get a full-size one) you can see layering but it’s not too bad, I think. 
I guess I could get better results with some practice, this is after all the first figure I have printed. I would like to try out my high-end Prusa-filament on figures, as I think that will give even better end-results. More experiments with figures will follow, especially things like zombies, as I think there is a lot of potential here.
The verdict: A beautiful mini that turned out rather well for a novice. If you have a SLA-printer you will get an excellent mini full of details, and with a FDM-printer (like mine) you’ll get at least a decent result, and probably rather good with some practice.
© Printed obsession and used with permission
Do pop over to their kickstarter, as the great-looking minis there are well worth a look, and there are some really nice terrain-pieces, too. Hurry, as the campaign closes on May 4 2019.

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  1. Very nice and also inspirational. I haven´t bought my own printer yet but I will. :)

    1. It came out surprisiningly well, actually. I'm very pleased with the result and will experiment more with some zombies I got.
      You won't regret buying a printer!