Wednesday, 24 April 2019

3D-Printing Review: Comms Dish from M3Studios

I got review pre-release files for this Comms Dish from M3 Studios latest Kickstarter: Hangar and Bulwark - Wargaming & Skirmish Printable Terrain.
It’s a rather huge beast, but I printed it in 60% scale as I wanted to use it in pulp games and maybe 7TV and something a bit smaller would suit me better. I think I see a secret beam-weapon here.
Everything is printed with 0.10 mm layer height and no supports. Total print time was around 8.5 hours and 33 grams of filament was used.
It turned out absolutely great, if I may say so. Detailing is very sharp, even on this reduced scale.
The only thing that didn’t look great was the cables between the generator and the base. When I removed the generator and cables piece the cable broke away, probably because of the reduced scale. It also looks a bit strange, which is probably due to this being pre-release and I got the files before M3Studios had printed these parts (except the dish). So I expect this to be rectified on release.
All in all, I’m very happy with this. A useful scenery-piece, great detailing and everything fits together really well.
Do check out the kickstarter if this looks interesting, as there are lots of other very nice stuff in it. You can read about it in this Crowdfunding watch article. It ends on May 4 2019.
Also, take the opportunity to download a free model of a sandbag emplacement.

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  1. Love kit Joakim, I really feel I'm missing out by not having a 3D printer but computers give me enough trouble as it is.

    1. hahaha!
      I have found lots of ways to fail with my printer, but it is still worth it :-)