Sunday, 16 February 2020

Painters block seem to have been truly gone

The painting low I had this autumn seem to be gone (for good?), as I have cranked out a lot of minis the last month.
First these gangers for use in our club campaign of Street Wars. They are the Black Cobras gang from the same manufacturer, and has seen two battles so far. 
First game. The Black Cobras take on the Mollies, while trying to mug some pesky civilians. 
A Mollie lookout

The uncultured and rather racist Devil Outcasts join the fun. For the Black Cobras this turned into a two-front war, which you usually don't win. 
The cops stop eating donoughts and make an appearance. A Mollie is arrested, to the general merriment of two players.
The first was, ahem, a learning game for the gang (see above), but the second fight showed which gang of the four in that fight was the mightiest (the last roll of the last turn saw the Black Cobras go from a last place to the first. Truly heroic wasting of a knocked out enemy leader…)
Next we have some savages. The first two are Forest tribe women from Heroes of the Dark Age. Fantastic resin-figures but rather small at around 25 mm.
Then we have two taller heroes from Shadows of Brimstone, made of a horrible resin. In the background a portal from the same game, and a 3D-printed Kraken Idol from EC3D.
Last but not least is this rather diverse bunch. A serving woman from Wizkids, then a 3D-printed penguin from EC3D, a centaur (the best on the market in my opinion) from Heresy Miniatures, a 3D-printed zombie (I don’t remember the make, but I’m not too happy with it. Will have a higher resolution next time) and finally two giant rats from Reaper.
That’s it for now. Got a dozen or so Arabs nearly finished and lots more in the queue, both figures and buildings.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Neil!
      I'm going for quicker paint-jobs as I really want to lower the tin- and plastics-mountain this year. So no eyes and maybe less highlights than usual.
      I'm also playing around with Citadel Contrast paints, which I find a useful tool that maybe speeds up painting a bit.

  2. The small savages could be teenage savages? Maybe.

    1. hahaha
      I will use them for Paleo Diet. Have enough figures for a tribe, and if I don't mix them with others it won't really matter. Beautiful figures, though.

  3. Great stuff Joakim! Happy to see you enjoying painting again 😃

    1. Hi Ivor
      I'm very happy that the down-time is over. Life is good now!