Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Chainmail wood elves in 28mm

Wood Elf Skirmisher 
A couple of wood elves from WotC’s Chainmail game. They are OK as sculpts, but rather flat. They will serve in the Chainmail skirmish game and also in "Song of Blades and Heroes". 
Me and the kids did a trial-game of the latter this weekend, just to get a hang of the basic rules. We only used two figures a side and no special rules. Worked out OK and next time we will have maybe double the numbers and have a couple of archers.
Paints used: skin Vallejo Game Color 003 Pale Flesh, pants/cloth Vallejo 881 Yellow Green and 894 Camouflage Olive Green. Hair: Scout 856 Ochre Brown, Starstrike Archer and Skirmisher 818 Red Leather and second Starstrike Archer 981 Orange Brown. Coated (as always painted not dipped) with Army Painter Strong Tone and a final coat of matte varnish from Vallejo.
Wood Elf Scout
Wood Elf Starstrike Archers

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