Friday, 25 November 2011

Zombies from Studio Miniatures

This won't look good on my CV...
These modern zombies come from Studio Miniatures’ Zombie Mob 1 and 2. Studio Miniatures has some awesome modern zombies full of character and at very competitive prices. Unfortunately the batch I got had some figures with a lot of flash and not perfect castings. I could rectify most of it, but the female in nightie still show a bit of the miscasting on her arms.
I tried out skin colour for the zombies on this batch. The female with nightie got a base of Vallejo Game Colour Dead Flesh and a thin layer of Vallejo 955 Pale Flesh over that, painted on as a wet drybrush. The Vallejo Dead Flesh was to green in my opinion, so I tried another solution for the other figures. They got a base of Citadel Rotting Flesh and Vallejo 003 Pale Flesh over that. Much better.
The female’s nightie got a white base and a wash of Citadel Bael Red over that. That woman had a real bad morning.
The secretary type female had her dress painted with Vallejo 908 Carmine Red and hair 708 Beige Brown. The killer dress didn’t help her this day.
I won't be feeding those pigeons any more....
The male had his shirt in Prussian Blue with a drybrush of Citadel Ice Blue. He got Vallejo 883 Silver Grey hair. Unfortunately he won’t enjoy his pension any longer…
All blood was Citadel Red Gore. All figures had a coat of Army Painter Strong Tone and a final coat of Vallejo Matte Varnish. 
I think it was a mistake to paint the blood first, and then the coats. Next time I'll paint on the Army Painter coat and matte coat first, and follow that with blood and possibly a gloss coat for fresh blood, or matte coat for a more brownish dried blood.

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