Friday, 7 September 2012

28mm Slaughterpit Zombie Gnoll from Chainmail/WotC

I bought this fabulous figure, sculpted by Paul Muller, around ten years ago, and it has patiently waited in the tin-mountain. The main reason for the long wait was mainly because it was multi-part, 4 pieces, and it needed a lot of green-stuff to be presentable. Let’s say that I haven’t felt totally comfortable with green-stuff, so everything that needed green-stuffing usually sinks to the bottom of the mountain. Anyway, I’m learning, and it doesn’t feel like such an obstacle any more.
So, after a heavy dose of green-stuff, I really like this figure. Rather morbid with two heads and four arms. It really has character.
Paints used:
Armour – Citadel Chainmail
Flesh – Citadel Rotting Flesh washed with Citadel Baal Red in places
Fur – Vallejo 875 Beige Brown
Shield – Vallejo 975 Military Green and Vallejo Bone White
Leather – Vallejo 872 Chocolate Brown
Everything washed with Army Painter Strong Tone wash.

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