Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Medieval Week – Tuesday August 5th

After a good breakfast we went outside the walls, back to the tournament stadium, where there was a crossbow and longbow demonstration.
First a couple of shots of the walls surrounding the town.
Now for the show
Who goes there? In green. What! It’s my pal Roland. He’s been Swedish longbow champion, but I had no idea he went Medieval once in a while. He’s a member of Gutars Bågskyttar, the group that shoots everything and everyone here.
After the show I talked a lot to one of the crossbowmen, who told me about shooting technique, how he built his own crossbow and lots of interesting facts.
We were quite close to the Medieval Camp, so we took the opportunity to visit.
And there you could try shooting a bow. A helpful crew who gave us the basics.
First time David shot with a bow. He sort of beat us all with his first shot ever…
David also tried throwing axe. Much more difficult
And here I got my punishment for not dressing in style
Back to the Marketplace and lunch. Feral pig, lamb or deer… the choices…
A classic for dessert – candied apple on a stick. Surprisingly good actually. As you can see…
And looking at people
Next stage-fighting. It was around 300 C, the poor chaps were sweating.
A walk in the town before dinner
This tower had served as a prison…
…as you can see from this door
One of the oldest houses, from the 13th Century. Predates the wall.
Another walk along the walls in the evening.


  1. Thanks, I've really enjoyed all your Visby photos.

    1. Last few will come tomorrow or day after.

  2. Nice event. I didn't see the shot of the young lad with an apple on his head at the crossbow display :)!