Saturday, 2 August 2014

Tomb Kings Ushabti from Games Workshop

Another one of those models that was half-finished for a long time, at least five years. It just didn’t want to be fully painted. Anyway, I had enough of that, and finally finished it.
Paints used:
Metal – Citadel Chainmail and Vallejo 59 Hammered Copper
Bones – Vallejo game Color Bone White
Skin – Vallejo 912 Tan Yellow
Cloth – 880 Khaki Grey
Handle – 983 Flat Brown
Rotten hand – Formula P3 Thrall Flesh
Leather – 843 Cork Brown, 876 Brown Sand, P3 Bootstrap Leather
Blue Scarabs – Citadel Foundation Necron Abyss highlighted with Mordian Blue
Hair for all those skulls: Coat d’arms Horse Tone Brown/Chestnut/Roan/Grey
Washed with Army Painter Strong Tone

Now I only have a couple of Infinity-figures left, and then I have removed all the half-finished 28mm-figures. 
Female Paladin from Hasslefree vs Ushabti. It's a big beast!


  1. Very cool looking figure - he's huge!

  2. My you are really making a dent in the lead mountain.

  3. Very nice! So, you are building up for an enormous spending spree in the new year just like I am, then?

    1. I've been on a spending spree... just waiting for all the Kickstarter-stuff to start arriving this autumn. Must have free space!