Sunday, 28 December 2014

Brimstone – Goliath

I have finally finished the XL miniature from the Brimstone – City of Ancients box, so now all the monsters from that box are done. 
This miniature is unfortunately proof that Flying Frog Productions are very new to producing miniatures. I was a bit disappointed with the Night Terrors, but this was worse. Far worse.
Lots of different pieces and lots of green stuff and filing needed, meaning I had to spend a couple of evenings honing my green-stuff skills. Not a total loss all experience there is good for me as I’m relatively, ehr, green with green stuffing. I let the pictures speak for themselves.
Paints used:
Skin – Vallejo 985 Hull Red with a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone ink and then drybrushed with 982 Cavalry Brown, 818 Red Leather, 981 Orange Brown and finally 948 Golden Yellow.
Suction cups – 835 Salmon Rose
Tongues – 944 Old Rose, 803 Rose Brown, 835 Salmon Rose and Citadel Dwarf Flesh washed with AP Strong Tone and Citadel Washes Baal Red.
Eyes – black with 915 Deep Yellow slits.
Teeth - Bone White with a AP Strong Tone wash
Undersides of the tentacles varnished with Vallejo satin varnish and the suction cups got a coat of gloss varnish. Mouth, tentacles and eyes were also gloss varnished. The rest matte.
I’m satisfied with how this one turned out. The starting mess didn’t really inspire me, as I thought all the gaps were sure to be noticeable. As it were they are nearly invisible.           
The tongues are rather two dimensional. They could have been made so much better.
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  1. Very nice. I haven't decided on how to paint him yet, the varnish disaster with the Stranglers did put me off painting tentacles for a while. I have been painting the heroes instead, hopefully I will be able to show something on the blog soon.

    1. I sure hope so. My mexican and saloon girl is on the painting table now.

    2. Oh, I have put off painting the Saloon girl, I just don't know what bits are what on her. On her clothes I mean.

      A Bandito, US Marshal and Gunslinger is on the ropes. (I started on the Preacher too but got bored.)

    3. On the ropes? In the works? My brain is still on a holiday break it seems.

    4. I have the same thoughts on the Saloon Girl...

  2. Great work. Looks like lots to do before you even start painting!

    1. That was certainly one of the downsides with this model. Finished he does look very cool, though.

  3. Well he is just cool as hell.
    You can never have enough Tentacles, or Tentacle Beasties, I always say.
    Seriously. I always say that.
    I'm not a great conversationalist.
    Don't you judge me.

    1. But you are right. I should have 'tentacles' as one of the labels.

  4. A pretty hideous figure, and I don't mean your paint job. :)
    Wishing you and yours all the best in the new year.

  5. really cool work, also the paint job I like a lot!
    I did not use green stuff but was filling some of the gaps with glue, using "contacta gel". With some patience that works as well as filler, adding multiple layers with some drying time and then sand paper away the glue thats too much.