Thursday, 11 December 2014

Dust – Sturmpioniere

Another squad of German Dust-figures finished.
I try to get a coherent look for each faction, with emphasis on painting speed. That means no fancy camouflage and a very limited number of paints. My goal is to get troops ready for a game or two, not get them ready for a painting competition.
I'll use clear bases from Sally 4th as soon as I get them.
Paints used for German troops:
Armour – Vallejo 995 German Grey drybrushed with 992 Neutral Grey
Clothing – 830 German Fieldgrey WWII
Heavy weapons, gasmasks, equipment – 920 German Uniform
Tubing – 836 London Grey
Power packs – 859 Black Red
Belts and high boots – Black
Low boots, chinstraps, gloves, other leather equipment – 872 Chocolate Brown
Panzerfausts – 977 Desert Yellow
Hand weapons – 863 Gunmetal Grey with two Washes of Army Painter Dark Tone ink
Everything except armour, skin and Panzerfausts washed with AP Dark Tone ink
PF and skin washed with AP Strong Tone ink
Good enough and works well with the rest of the German figures. Not as fancy as those Thomas did a couple of years ago, but I bet mine were done in a much shorter time :-)
Ready for combat!

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  1. I think they look just as good as mine and yes, mine too a loooong time to finish. They were great fun to paint, but it is not a viable way of getting forces on the table.