Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dust – Heavy Kommandotrupp and Lara

The latest new-comers to the heavy Sturmgrenadiers. They are painted just like the rest of my Dust Germans.
Mechanic armed with a Fliegerfaust, Commander with twin MG:s and a medic
German Hero Lara packing two twin MG:s
Don’t forget the 100K giveaway.


  1. Brilliant, this means that Lara, who has been languishing on my paint desk for over a year, can now go back in the box as there will be no need for two Laras on the table.

    1. Then you had better get another figure or three up there on the table...

    2. Well, I expect a few (dozen) to arrive within the next few days...

    3. I want to see them on the battlefield. Get your paints ready.

    4. I will. Early 2015 will be a time of hobby budget spent on other things (paint racks, Flockbox, light tent among other things) while I paint from the stash.