Wednesday, 24 December 2014

God Jul and the winners are…

God Jul everyone! 
Today, December 24th, is the big day here in Sweden. (Living close to jultomten we try to give him an easy start, so he’ll take care of us today, taking his time, and tomorrow is his hectic day when he flies all over the place trying to please everyone else. Poor chap. Anyway, true to tradition, he’ll get a snaps when he shows up here later today – he’ll need all the energy he can get to survive this yearly ordeal.)
When this goes live I’m furiously preparing the last things for the julbord. Presents are under the julgran. Homemade candies and pepparkakor are everywhere. The kids are eyeing the presents wondering what they will get. So am I (I’ve heard rumours of miniatures…)

Enough of that! On to the give-away. Without further ado the winners are:
1.    William Dowie – you’re in for an Otherworld pack
2.    Brownk29 – you’ll get the Lonewulf or one of the Brimstone sprues
3.    Styx – a Brimstone sprue for you

Congratulations to you all. Send me a mail at miniaturesman(at)gmail(dot)com with your address and what of the above you want the most.

Rodger Wood is a new Google+ follower. Welcome.


  1. Seasons Greetings Good Sir! Enjoy the holiday and I hope you've been very good this year!

  2. Thanks for hosting the contest! Merry Christmas!

    1. come back to me with your adress and what prize you want

  3. God jul to you and yours, my friend. Be well and happy.

  4. God Ju! Nice introduction to a Swedish Christmas :-)

  5. Oh wow, thanks, and happy Christmas.

  6. still no mail from William and Styx.