Saturday, 13 December 2014

Zvezda’s Vickers Machine Gun with Crew and another give-away

Another great little 1/72 kit from Zvezda’s Art of Tactic range. When you look on the cover art of the box one thing is immediately obvious, namely that the machine gun looks somewhat strange. Yep, the real thing didn’t have the shield. So if you’re building this kit, just skip that (I used mine for one of my LRDG vehicles).
The cover says it is usable for 1939 to -43, but considering that the crew is wearing gas masks and 1939 pattern entrenching tool I would advise against using it later than 41, if that. Anyway it is perfect for BEF 1940 and Operation Seelöwe.
One thing missing in the kit is the condensation can that was used to preserve cooling water. I scrounged one from a Hät-set of British machine guns.

The soldiers were painted as presented in the painting tutorial.

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  1. I enjoyed doing these Zvezdas kits. You've inspired me to add this one to me acquire list.

    Great work.

  2. I have this kit on my workbench. I broke the ammo belt and am undecided on how I should proceed.

    1. That ammo-belt was a pain. I painted the figures separately and the smae with the gun and the ammo belt. I then glued figs and machingun in place and finished with the ammo-belt lastly. That way you can glue the pieces together and it will probably hold - I think.