Saturday, 31 October 2015

Dust – Laser Grenadiers

In the 1947 of the Dust alternate WWII the Axis have laser weapons and these troops, the Laser Grenadiers have the most portable versions.
Axis Laser Grenadier armed with the Laser-Werfer.
The five man squad is armed with four Laser-Gewehr and one Laser-Werfer. Half-decent weapons against both men and armour.

Grenadier armed with Laser-Gewehr.
These guys are painted like all my Axis troops.

Welcome Michael Awdry with The Analogue Hobbies Paining Challenge and 28mm VictorianWarfare. The former with lots if pics from said challenge and the latter full of historical minis, zombies, pulp and you name it. Check them out!


  1. MUST...RESIST...

    More great (and tempting) figs!

  2. Replies
    1. They sure are... and they will hopefully see the gaming table soon

  3. Two weeks and counting. I shall have a full week of vacation to prepare my masterly battle plan.

    1. The gloves are off.
      Death to the evil... whatever side you chose to play :-)