Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Dust – Battle Grenadiers

I’ve really gotten started on my Dust figures again. They are so much fun to paint and I’ve collected… well, sort of a lot of sets. I let is stand as that J. I really want to get them all painted and ready for action.
Anyway, my first priority is to paint my Germans and I’ve found an easy paint-scheme for my Axis troops that I use for all soldiers. The priority is to get them ready for the gaming table so the 'easy' part is important.
These guys are the Battle Grenadiers and a squad is five men as usual for normal troops. This pack sports an extra man as the Battle Grenadiers can come equipped with an extra Panzerschreck instead of an ordinary soldier as an option. A nice touch to get it included in the pack.
Another unit ready for action. Several units half painted on the painting table. It starts to look good.

First game in a long time will be at the club sometime soon. If it works out well for the good side (aka my side) you might see a battle report here...


  1. Looking good Joakim! I really like your choice of see-through bases. Can these be bought in different diameters?

    1. I buy mine from Sally 4th
      They have lots of bases in different diameters. Round, square, oval, hex etc