Thursday, 29 October 2015

Dust – Medium Panzer Walker IIB - Ludwig

Here we have an Axis Medium Panzer Walker IIB Ludwig for the alternate WWII Dust games set in 1947.
Obviously a tank killer, armed with dual 88mm anti-tank guns.
Painted with Vallejo 995 German Grey and drybrushed 992 Neutral Grey. MG and chipping with 863 Gunmetal Grey. Ammo drums 920 German Uniform with a black wash. Pistons Vallejo Game Color Silver. Tubing 836 London Grey with a black wash.

Another unit ready to face the red horde.


  1. I'm going to have to stop reading your Dust posts as every time I do I get the urge to buy into the game! Lovely figs and paint jobs!

    1. Muahahahahaha!
      You will see much more in the coming weeks. My intention is to finish at least one unit a week.
      Resistance is futile! (and you can find models at discount here and there)

    2. Hi Joakim, hope you are well, always interested to see what you have been up to when I see a notification 8).keep up the good work Brian ( Davros )

    3. Hi there!
      Good to hear from you. Everthing's well and I'm modelling and painting as never before :-)