Monday, 13 June 2016

A trip to Arsenalen – The Swedish Tank Museum - Part 2 AFVs in Swedish use Post WWII

I took my youngest son on a trip to Arsenalen- the Swedish tank museum last summer and this is part two of that trip where we look at AFVs used by the Swedish armed forces post WWII.
Part 1 - AFVs in Swedish use, pre WWII and WWII
Part 2 - AFVs in Swedish use, post WWII - this post
Part 3 - softskins and guns in Swedish use
Part 4 - Foreign vehicles
You're met outside by this Pbv 301 APC. 220 were built in 1962-63. Armed with at 20mm automatic gun. (Pbv = pansarbandvagn = armoured tracked carrier)
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Also this, a Ikv 91, an infantry support vehicle. 212 built 1975-78. Armed with a 90mm low pressure gun and two machineguns. (Ikv = infanterikanonvagn = infantry gun carrier)
Pvkv m/43 made by Landsverk. Armed with a 75mm ATG. Ordered in 1942 and 87 delivered 1946-47 (pvkv = pansarkanonvagn = self propellet ATG)
Lvkv fm/43. 17 made in 1947 to -49  (Lvkv = Luftvärnskanonvagn = Self propelled AA)
Akv 151. This is a prototype vehicle finished in 1960. It had a magazine of 14 155mm shells that could all be fired in only 45 seconds. Quite impressive. The magazine could be changed in two minutes.  (AKV = Artillerikanonvagn = Artillery gun carriage)
Strv 74 is based on a heavily modified chassi of the Strv m/42 but with a new turret armed with a 75mm gun.  225 produced between 1957 and -60 and in use with armoured brigades until 1967 and as an infantry support until 1984.
Another PBV 301 inside the museum
An Ikv 91 set up in a diorama 
Centurion or Strv 101. 110 in service from 1960 and gradually modified
Bränslekärra 91, an armoured monowhel fuel trailer that could hold an extra 900 litres. The trailer could be quickly disconnected by explosive charges in the trailer hooks.
Strv 104, a heavily modified Strv 103.  In service until 2001.
Bärgningsbandvagn 4012. When the Soviet Union collapsed Sweden bought 460 MT-LB in different configurations from East Germany. This is the repair and recovery version.
Daimler Ferret Mk 2, used by Swedish UN-troops in Cyprus.
M8 Greyhound  armoured car. During the UN mission in Congo 1961-64 Swedish troops knocked out four Greyhounds that were later scavenged and used by the Swedes. This is not one of the originals.
"Give us a call and we'll come"
Strv 103C, Stridsvagn S prepared for swimming. 290 Strv 103 used between 1967 and 2001.
Strv 122, Leopard 2 S. We've got 120 of these modified Leopard 2 A5. 
Pbv 302 by Hägglunds. Used since the 60s and was decommisioned in 2014.
That's it for the Swedish AFVs. Next stop will be guns and softskins.

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  1. It really looks like such an impressive museum.

    1. It was a very positive surprise, crammed with stuff
      What would be fun is to go there one of the days when they drive tanks around outside

  2. More elegant Swedish designs. 14 155mm shells in just 45 seconds? Ouch! That Akv 151 could drop a whole world of hurt on somebody! Thanks for sharing the photos.

    1. Yep, it's equivalent to a multiple rocket launcher but with with good precision, and also 25km range.