Thursday, 1 March 2018

February – Miniatures Tally

February summed up:
Off record are 10 columns from the Pantheon game. Always useful as terrain.
Total: -13 points

I backed the UBoot Kickstarter, and that comes with 16 plastic figures and two guns. Eight points for the figures as they are in 1/72 scale and one point each for the guns.
I also jumped on a friends pledge on Annie’s Freja’s Wrath Kickstarter and that got me four cats. Also got a free mini through the club, of Gustav Vasa based on the painting by Carl Larsson. A beautiful mini!
Total: 15 points.

Sold or given away:
A total of 59 figures were either given away or went to the For Sale-box at the club. SF, fantasy and near future from Mercs:Recon, Johnny Borg Castings, Mantic, GW, Gamezone, WotC and Reaper Bones.
Total: - 59

2018 total:
Bought:         15
Painted:       -35
Sale:            -109

Total:           -129

Even if I only count my painted minis, and not those in the sales-box, I still have a smaller stash of unpainted minis now than I had at the start of the year. At least according to how I count (only minis bought this year count, not old ‘sins’ getting delivered this year). If I count both painted and for-sale figures I’m comfortably in the green.


  1. A very busy month it would seem :-)

    1. Moderately successful, I'd say, but I've prepared quite a lot of minis so this week might be better.

  2. A nice little collection Joakim, it's fun how we fool ourselves about unpainted models : )

    1. It's part of being a miniatures-gamer, I guess :-D

  3. Frank - you are so right.

    Joakim - I guess that means you can buy a lot more figures to redress the balance. ;-)

    1. That usually solves itself... I don't think there has been one single year with a shrinking stash the last 10 years or so.
      But I will really make an effort this time. See if it is possible.