Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Last minis from July – nun, ghoul and Atalanta

The last post of July will be on a couple of different minis finished in the last couple of days.
The nun, from Warlord Games and their Operation Sea Lion – Enemy Agents blister, looks stern but innocent enough… from the front.
But if you look at what she’s doing behind her back… She’ll be perfect in my Vatican-league in Pulp Alley, and will have the “Burst Fire” ability. Yes, I do have a thing for armed nuns…
The ghoul’s from Andy at Heresy Miniatures, and it is a great little mini, as always from Heresy. Gruesome.
Finally the first painted mini from Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Atalanta is one of five heroes in the base box, and a good enough figure. I wasn’t super excited by the mini so she stood half-finished on the painting table quite a long time.


  1. The nun is my favourite figure. Nuns with guns, what is not to like.

  2. Agreed, nuns with guns are always fun.

  3. Splendid work all three, but the nun is just brilliant!

    1. Fluff-wise I guess "she" is a german infiltrator, and male. The other one wears german-style boots. I have to finish that one

  4. Lovely work. The nun is a great sculpt!