Thursday, 30 August 2018

Brimstone –Harvesters

Here’s a new set of enemies for Shadows of Brimstone – Harvesters.
They are creatures that have built heavy suits to protect them from hostile environments and hostile locals in those environments, making them immune to environment effect and some attacks also.
They have a mission, and that is to harvest Dark Stone, the crystals that power the ‘magical’ properties of the setting and also corrupts both people and creatures, causing mutations. They are rather good at it, and might nick your Dark Stone in a fight.
Anyway, they will be fun to see on the gaming table.


  1. Fab looking figures Joakim! Really like that old school divers helmet look :)

    1. they are rather nice, and I'm sure one of them will be useful as a villain in a pulp-game.

  2. Hi Joakim, they do look pretty useful for lots of games.

    You probably have seen this but if not it might interest you. I came across a review and link to one of your games. This is the site I found it on.

    He's probably not such a good judge because he did the same for one of my games ;)

    1. yes, they are. If ever I get 7Tv going they will surely be extras, or even co-stars, in a game.
      Haven't seen that, actually, thanks for the link. A year old, I see, and the AAR is more than three years old. Must have been in a hurry and desperate and just took a random AAR in my case :-)