Tuesday, 28 August 2018


Infant Tyrannosaurs and crocodile ancestors from Tamiya’s 1/35 Mesozoic Creatures set.
If these are infants, I don't want to meet mom or pop.
Got myself two boxes of this excellent kit, initially to get the Tyrannosaurs that I wanted to use as extra Jargono Swamp Raptors in Shadows of Brimstone.
The crocs can be used as modern-day crocs and the rest of the dinosaurs will probably work well in Paleo Diet: Eat or be Eaten, a rather fun set of rules where my (to be painted) stone-age brutes will meet prey… or be preyed upon.
You can see what I did with the Archaeopteryx here.


  1. Love the cute and beautiful Tyrannosaurs...

    1. they are cuddly... in a way... if you're a T-rex mom... maybe

  2. Hi Joakim these are both useful creatures, I know you mentioned this set from Tanya previously but it went right over my head, I must try and have a look at them.
    Nice painting as always. :)

    1. Hi John!
      Thanks. The pics are rather crappy actually, as I look at them again, as the critters looks more detailed irl. I've cleaned the lens, since those photos were taken :-D
      It's a really useful set of figures, anyway.