Monday, 22 October 2018

Shoggoth from RAFM

My daughter gets to choose models from the tin- and plastics-mountain for me to paint now and again. 
This one, Shoggoth from RAFM, she selected quite a long time ago and it has been a very slow project, mainly because all of those eyes.
It’s another one of those models that has been standing there and that I have decided to finish once and for all.
It's a resin model with metal tentacles, and you decide which tentacles to use and where to put them.
Once I started on it again it all went rather fast. I just had to decide to prioritize it.
I’m really satisfied with the result. Not something I would like to meet in a dark alley or an abandoned house.


  1. Not something I'd want to meet on main street in broad daylight! lol

    Nice work on a grotesque mini.

    1. Thanks!
      Well, I don't want to go eye-to-eye with this thingie anywhere :-)