Friday, 16 November 2018

3D printing - Hot off the printer – fountain, bridge, outhouse and more

The printer is a bit over a month old now and is happily chugging along. Much of it is dungeon terrain from Printable Scenery (more on that in a later post) but you’ve seen some Wild West outhouses and shacks in previous posts.
Here are some of the things that has materialized the latest week or so.
The Wightwood Abbey Fountain is made by Infinite Dimensions Games, and this one is a freebie from Thingiverse. It’s a great piece and will soon see action in a pulp adventure.
The Stone Footbridge is a Printable Scenery piece, and if you buy the set (NZ$ 5.95) you get two variants, this and one made for sunken riverbeds. This is 100% scale and is rather big, but I intend to print a couple more but smaller. I printed this with .2 mm layer height and on the nearly horizontal areas there is a noticeable layering. The next one I’ll print at .1 instead, to get a better result. A nice and very useful piece.
The greveyard pieces are also Printable Scenery and their Winterdale Cemetery set. That’s a rather excellent set with more than 20 printable pieces for your cemetery, see pic below, for NZ$ 9.95. It's also part of the Fantasy Ruins Bundle
© Printable Scenery and used with permission 

The cart comes from Fat Dragon Games and is a freebie from their newsletter, which is well worth the free subscription.
The box is from Hayland Terrain and their Gold Mine Expansion, which is a useful set of shacks, boxes and tunnel entrances for £5. More on the shacks here.
Finally, the outhouse is another Printable Scenery piece, this time from The Miners Shack set, at NZ$ 9.95, which includes a large shack useable in a Wild West setting and also this smaller outhouse.


  1. One day perhaps when finances allow I may buy one. until then you're continuing to provide some quality eye candy.

    1. You'll get one, sooner or later. They are very fun, you know :-)

  2. Looks great, lovely fountain!

  3. Hi Joakim - you are turning out some interesting stuff here. I recently bought some WW1 planes from Shapeways and the finish is really quite rough, people talk about doing 3 to 6 layers of dilute PVA and water to smooth them out. Just wondered what your thoughts were, the things I can see here would have a rough texture anyway, stone, wood etc have you done much that should be smooth and was it smooth?

    1. I'm still experimenting a lot, and I'm slowly getting the hang of it. So far I have mostly done rough surfaces - wood, stone - and that works rather well, depending on layer height. The fountain turned out really well and I used 0,1 mm layering on that. There is a noticeable layering if you really look closely, but on usual arm-lenght away it is not noticeable.
      Haven't used any smoothening.
      Flat surfaces are more difficult, and there are ways to work around it a bit, but I haven't really done so much of thay yet.
      I'm printing a bigger wooden house now, and so far it looks really good. Will come up on the blog soon.
      I'm surprised at the crappy stuff you got from shapeways. I thought they did better than that.

    2. I bought 2 of 3 different planes, the simplest one the Fokker E111 is the worst finish, I've sanded some of the flat areas to try and start off with the smoothest finish before I try and fill it with the PVA mix, but there are quite noticeable steps, the other 2 planes are much more complex prints and have a much better finish. It maybe that I have a couple of prints that should be rejected.
      I'll try and remember to take some before and after pictures and maybe post them on my blog and then ask for your opinion, but that will be a few weeks away I think.
      Anyway as I said before I think you are getting some good results here, only problem is the more you print the more you have to paint;)

    3. "only problem is the more you print the more you have to paint"... yes, that is very true. The printer prints faster than I paint, and I want to paint figures, too.
      It was no problem when I made dungeon walls and floors, those were easy and fast to paint, but I have a Wild West bank finished now, took me three days to print, and no way I have that painted in just three (ordinary) days.

    4. Wow 3 days to print. I don't think I've got my head around this concept yet. :)

    5. well, three parts and each took between 10 and 15 hours.