Sunday, 16 September 2012

28mm Veer-Myn from Mantic

I got this as an extra in the huge box of Mantic goodies I bought this summer. A nice little figure, that I don’t really have any use for, but I painted it anyway.
It got a basecoat of white with a wash of Citadel Devlan Mud.
Skin: Vallejo 835 Salmon Rose
Leather: Formula P3 Bootstrap Leather
Trousers: Vallejo 822 Middle Stone
Cloth on the arms: Vallejo 847 Dark Sand
Metal: Citadel Chainmail
Pipe: Citadel Blood Red
Everything got a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone Ink.
We have at least one relative of his in our garden at the moment; a rat was seen several times last week. We called for a Space Marine to take care of it, but was only sent an ordinary human exterminator. The traps are set. No heavy bolters…I’m soooo disappointed.

Oh, and welcome follower number 50 - András Szilvásy has his own blog, Random&Creative that looks interesting. A bit of this and that in modelling. 

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