Friday, 21 September 2012

The Followers – batch 1

I don't consider my followers mindless zombies :-)
So I’ve passed 50 followers, and that is rather cool. The followers are rather cool themselves, and I’d like to point you to what they do. I’ve presented the latest already, so here’s the first bunch of the others. I’m sure you will find something that might interest you.
Bruno Lorang writes the faboulus site Lonewolf's Welten. I became an instant follower. Much recommended!
TamsinP – something from the myths of gaming – a Wargaming Girl with a blog of the same name. A bit of everything, and I’m so happy I’m not as fast a painter as she is. My tin and plastics mountain would be gone in no time! On the other hand…
CreativeMountain – seem to work in the gaming industry, and has a couple of blogs on that: Grymwald Gazetteer, MF Wars and Creative Mountain Games.
Ian-Willey writes The Blog With No Name about painting little soldiers, and Wall Advantage about Advanced Squad Leader...ah, the memories....
Mick the Beachcomber has a couple of blogs: Musings of a cigarette smoking gamer, Samoahu, and Heart of Oak that seem to be in the process of starting.
Graham has his own page, cleverly named Grahams Page. A bit about his work in truck driving and a bit about wargaming and models.
Anibal Invictus has something very much in common with me, we both enjoy gaming with Too Fat Lardies' rules. His blog is also cleverly named, Gaming with TooFatLardies and is worth a visit, or several. He also writes Pecunia Olet about economics, politics and other interesting stuff.
Alfons Cànovas writes MINIATURAS MILITARES POR ALFONS CÀNOVAS about miniatures, uniforms, heraldry and a lot of other stuff. In Spanish but Google Translate fixes that if your Spanish is a bit rusty (as mine is…)
Kriz blogs with KrizKreations, where inspiration and creativity collides. Models, cool stuff, fun.
Ben is a wargamer, newly wed and a proud father. He also blogs with Breakthrough Assault (FoW) and TOCamo (soon to start with Infinity and Dreadball, could be interesting).

More to come...

And welcome to zuper_nissen who don’t seem to have a blog of his own.

Update september 28: Blogger was misbehaving and didn't show the blogs of several people. I've updated Bruno Lorang and Ian-Willey. Should be right now - sorry guys