Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Followers – batch 3

A typical follower...
So, we’re getting to the end of the lot.
Rousell68 writes Don't Throw a 1 about playing with toy soldiers, and Ray's Music Emporium about, well, music.
The Dark Templar is about wargaming, painting and thoughts about the hobby.
La Long Carabine writes One 72nd Fantasy Figures about 1/72 figures strangely enough, and Organic Adventures in Farming about starting an organic farm.
JFaria writes O BRIGADEIRO about 1/285 scale WWII and other stuff.
Remco de Groot writes Remco's Miniatures and it’s all about his scale miniature models. At the moment it’s Asterix figs. Tempting, so tempting.
Ludo Weyden writes Studio Cyberlab is about scratchbuilding. Amazing stuff.
The Angry Lurker with the blog with the same name. Very interesting site, about wargaming, movies, books and other stuff. Contrary to the name, he really is sweet as sugar J
Paul’s Bods got three sites, Federation of Bodstonia about a fictitious 18th century country, Paul´s Bods about Paul’s little miniatures, and Emperor vs Elector about imaginary nations of the 18th century.
Thanos writes Miniatures & Terrain, one of my favourite sites. Lots of WWII.
Beccas writes Wargamer Blue and likes Tobruk. Lots of WWII. Good site.
Thomas Nissvik is a gaming buddie of mine, and writes Learning by doing, about IABSM, WWII in 20 and 6mm and currently Dux Brittaniarum. New is Dux Gondorum, I want to follow but can´t do it on the site…
Geordie the exiled Fog writes Geordie’s big battles about modelling, wargaming, fantasy and lots more. Like it!
Laffe is also a member of the gaming gang, the Scandinavian Lardies. Writes Figurfanatikern (in English) about WWII, 40K and other gaming related stuff. My first follower!
JonasM writes A Conflict of Interests about wikings, dark ages etc.
José Manuel Chasco writes 1/72 Depot about 1/72.
brownk29 writes Keith’s Wargaming / Painting Blog about SF, fantasy and historical minitures, historical sites and more.

And a bunch of people who don’t seem to have blogs of their own; EnfermagemVirtual SeuSite, lalebrasil and Dimitri Kremmydas.  (If I’m wrong, post in the comments below, please)

Welcome The Mad Padre who writes Platoon Forward Stories about the Too Fat Lardies’ solo IABSM-rules Platoon Forward, The Mad Padre's Wargames Page about this and that in wargaming, currently Weird WWII – fun, and Mad Padre about this and that.

From now on I will try to present each follower as they appear, in ordinary posts.


  1. Thanks mate, I appreciate the shout out. I'll go back to the zombie shuffle following your blog, which I quite like.

  2. Jocke, can you follow my Dux blog now? I hope I added the right thingy.

  3. Cheers for the shout out to both of my blogs!!! Keep up the great work!