Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Followers – batch 2

More about the followers of this blog, and what they are blogging about.

StuG writes ARMOURED FIGHTING VEHICLE. About modelling and AFV:s. Lots of scratch-built goodies.
Lee Hadley writes Big Lees Miniature Adventures, a blog on miniatures, museums and other worthy stuff. Good!
Headologist is a long-time wargamer, writing An Englishman's attempt to learn Welsh about that, Cake or War which seems to be in the process of starting (I prefer cake, by the way), Charlie's London about Charlie Chaplin and Do You Have A Flag? about wargaming nonsense and miscellany.
Paul writes Quickly, Quietly, Carefully with ideas for old-school fantasy role-playing games.
Daddy Grognard got a blog with the same name, and it's about raising the next generation of old school wargamers. A worthy cause and a good blog.
John M writes MiniatureZone Blog about plastic soldiers, MiniatureZone Archives (2000 - 2005) being that, and El Brazo de Nelson about plastic soldiers and battle reports,  
William Dowie writes World of Garnia about development of that world.
Peter.Bonami writes Peter's Cave and it's about miniatures :-) Good painter and good blog.
Andy Walker writes The Lair of the Breviks about a grumpy old bugger with a paintbrush. A very talented painter…
Erhan Atalay is another reader.
Phil Fry writes L'atelier de Phil about scratchbuilding and kitbashing HO-scale model railway stuff.
Matt writes Blood, Fire and Death about miniature figure painting and wargaming.
GReg got a blog cunningly called GREG'S WARGAMING BLOG about WWII modelling in mainly 20mm. Quite a lot of good terrain tips.
Captain Richard's Miniature Civil War got a blog with the same name. I think the titles tells it all, if you know it the American.
Scotty writes Scotty's Wargaming. An painter of amazing speed. 
Itinerant writes Itinerant Hobbyist about his journeys through various hobbies. Currently 6mm wargaming. You can’t go wrong with that!
Smillie has a Painting Diary.
Dalauppror with a blog of the same name. A lot of dark ages, Vikings, Swedish medieval armies, beautiful painting and terrain. Well worth a look.

Last batch has to wait….

Update september 28: Blogger was misbehaving and didn't show the blogs of several people. I've updated Lee Harvey, Daddy Grognard, Scotty and Peter Bonami. Haven't found anything on Erhan Atalay. 


  1. Lee Hadley does have a blog its http://bigleesminipaintingblog.blogspot.com/

    1. Thanks Ray
      BLogger was misbehaving, I noticed when one of my friends was listed with no blogs. Checking all followers again with google to be sure...

  2. Cool series - thanks for the mention.

  3. Thanks for the mention. Great blog by the way