Thursday, 4 July 2013

Camouflage netting for aircraft

One of the things I started during our LRDG-terrain weekend, a camouflage/sunscreen for one of the parked planes to be used as targets in our LRDG-scenario.
The frame was built with plastic I-beams and tubes, painted Citadel Chainmail and coated with Army Painter Strong Tone Ink. The netting is gauze dipped in a mix of paint, white glue and water, let dry a bit and draped over the frame. When it dried it was stiff and kept its shape.

Hey, it works, too. The plane is nearly invisible, it only the LRDG came from the air…


  1. Nice work! Keep it up. Camouflage nets are very useful hiding precious army artillery, army vehicles, bunkers etc. From distance camouflage nets give looks of grass and plants which helps in hiding.