Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Normandy trip – Day 3 - Pegasus Bridge

Next stop – Pegasus Bridge.
In the early nineties the old Pegasus Bridge was at the end of its lifetime, and a replacement was due. The old bridge was moved to sit on dry land right beside the road to the new bridge, and a museum was built also.
The Pegasus Bridge
A mock-up of a Horsa glider, real cramped inside
A Bofors 40mm AA-gun.
17 pdr ATG

Another 25 pdr
Jeep again, this time para

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  1. Interesting to compare the colour of the two guns... neither looks anywhere near the colour I use for my models!

    1. I really don't think you should take the colours of these museum pieces as true. They have usually been repainted, and not necessarily in the correct colour.

    2. Yes I know they are repainted. I just wonder why the museum didn't paint them the same colour...

      Great pictures anyway.