Sunday, 1 September 2019

Mythic Battles: Pantheon – Ares, Achilles and Spartans

Seems like I have a lot of un-played miniatures games in my collection, and Mythic Battles: Pantheon is one of them. I do like to play with painted minis, so I started with these to get going. As usual with boardgame-minis I tried to paint the figs so they resemble the illustrations, because that makes it so much easier to recognize the minis during games. In this game the gods are large, to sort of mirror their abilities.
These first Pantheon minis were rather easy to paint, with lots of flesh, and it was real fun to paint the the huge Ares.
More minis are coming up, as I’ve painted a bunch the last couple of months.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Neil.
      Mostly only a layer of paint and a wash over that. Also tried some of that GW contrast paint. Worked reasonably well on Ares' red cloak.

  2. Nice work Jason, oops I mean Joakim :)