Saturday, 28 September 2019

Arab houses

These are the first and second batches of 3D-printed Arab houses. These will see action in WWII North Africa, Pulp Alley and 7TV. Some of them have already served on a desert planet.
They come from 3D-Print-Terrain and different Thingiverse free files, and are painted with structure paints.
I’ve got some more houses nearly finished, and then I'll use them all in the next installment of my Pulp Alley campaign. Looking forward to that.
Then I will print a lot more Arabic houses for my solo Pulp Alley campaign, most of them from 3D-Print-Terrain.
If you like these you might have a look at 3D-Print-Terrain’s latest kickstarter, where you find lots of Arabic houses, and you can also pledge for his older campaigns (like this one for modern houses and this one for houses suitable for North Africa and WWII (where a lot of these come from)) But hurry, as it closes tomorrow!


  1. Great looking houses, a fantastic village is growing up!

    1. Hi there, Phil!
      First game, Pulp Alley, will be a suburb of Cairo, whith these, a couple of shops and a mosque. Nearly finished with those

  2. There's certainly lots of them, and more to come!!! This is going to be the complete Cairo soon.
    Looks good

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Simon!
      The shops are finished, I just have to take some pics and do a quick write-up on them. Coming soon

  4. Nice buildings. Looking forward to seeing them in action.