Friday, 28 September 2012

Updates on The Followers

Blogger was misbehaving and didn't show some people's blogs. I found it out yesterday when a friends blog didn't show on his profile, and today I checked all followers that I listed with no names. 
I found that Lee Harvey, Daddy Grognard, Scotty, Peter Bonami, Bruno Lorang and Ian-Willey had their own blogs, and I was a follower of several. Sort of embarrassing… Sorry guys.
Anyway, I updated Part 2 and Part 1. Do check them out, because they’ve got some great blogs.

Also, welcome Dizaster156 with a blog of the same name. Interesting photos.


  1. That's okay. Thanks for the mention!

  2. Thanks for the mention tough I had not noticed as I really don't pay that close attention. When someone new starts to follow my blog I try to check them out to see if I would like them. Seems to be a very large number of great blogs out there


  3. Thanks for the mention. I think in my case it happens because I change my profile from blogger to google+.