Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Gingerbread Chess

The oldest son made a rather special julklapp (Xmas gift) this year, a ginger-bread chess. He toiled away in secret the day before julafton (Xmas Eve) the only clues to what he was doing were the fragrance of pepparkakor (gingerbread) (dough made from our own recipe) in the oven and the smell of burnt fingers.
Plastic wrap to protect the playing board.
The chess-pieces are made of gingerbread and the kings from marzipan.
I long game ensued with four players on each side and the rules were simple:
- Standard chess rules apply
- Each player gets to make one move (and then has to wait three turns until it is your turn again).
- No talking between players (i.e., all your fancy plans will be destroyed by your own team before it is your turn to move a chess-piece next time)
- Pieces knocked out are to be eaten!
- The winning side gets to eat whatever is left on the board.
The game was very even (with one or two really good players on each side (my kids) and some… not so good players)
Much laughter until there were just two kings and one other playing-piece left on the board and we declared the game a draw. Everyone had a piece of king to eat and were happy!

A great julklapp!