Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Old West Buildings from 4Ground

Main Street Building No2 and 3
I'm dusting off all my wild west stuff as I intend to start playing Dead Man's Hand again. My intention now is to finished all half finished stuff and everything unpacked, and this was two of the latter. 
Main Street Building 3 from 4Ground
A view from the back
Finished these two-story buildings from 4Ground in a couple of evenings and they do look great.
The crates comes from Supreme Littleness Designs.  
Getting closer to a game.

We did have a game of Zombicide: Black Plague last week. Well, two games actually, but our chaps got massacred very early in the first.
Ooops, two extra activations for the runners seals our fate as one of the heroes fails his six (!) armor saves. The other ones in the space were down to one hit point each. End of game 1.
Hurry up! They're coming!
Most of the zombies are on the board and we get lots of extra zombie activations. It's close. Both our demise and the exit-zone.
We randomize which of the painted heroes we get to play with and sometimes it is less than optimal, which is interesting. First game was one of those, when we had no magic-user and no shooter. It went downhill very fast.
Yippee! We win!
The other game was really close and very fun. 
Also, every figure from the base game is painted! Now there's only a... few.. left unpainted from the kickstarter. Or maybe a little more than a few.


  1. Well, my Wild West mojo might return when I get the Brimstone stuff. But I want to use my mexicans in Dead Man's hand, I did buy a bunch from Black Scorpion-

  2. I like the buildings...a lot!

  3. Lovely! The Wild West ones look the best of all the 4Ground buildings, in my opinion.

    1. Yep, I'm very fond of them. I might buy myself another one as christmas present...

  4. Excellent! Bring them to the club and we'll have a go. I might even paint some cowboy zombies!

    1. I have actually brought all Wild West stuff home to game here. We have a table, gaming mat, the buildings, clutter, all the figures and rules.
      It will reach the club sooner or later :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Michał!
      Actually not that much work, you just glue according to the instructions and get a ready-to-use building. great stuff!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, Frank!
      I unpacked my other buildings and they will all look very nice as a small town... a small town in the middle of a shoot-out :-)
      More buildings on the painting table now. Expect more soon

  7. Hi Joakim,
    the buildings are very real designed. Much better than I have seen before. It would also fit well with my figure in 1/72 scale.
    regards, Michael

    1. Hi there, Michael!
      In the last pic you can see one 28mm figure, but she is really more like 32 mm. As you can see a 20mm figure would be really tiny, and I just checked with a 1/72 (20mm) German WWII soldier, and he looked really small, unfortunately.

  8. Good stuff Joakim! DMH is such a great rules set; it's been much too long since I've had all my old west stuff out of the storage boxes - maybe seeing your games will give me that extra push :)

    1. Yeah, it is a really good rules set, and I played it just a few times. That will hopefully change during Xmas vacation.
      I'll try to write a couple of inspiring AARs :-)