Monday, 5 December 2016

Paint rack from Warbases

My latest hobby-room (or rather hobby-corner) project is done and at last my paints are relatively well organized.
It started with a post in the rather excellent blog Loki’s Great Hall, where he showed how he had organized his Vallejo paint bottles. He had Warbases cut him storage racks in MDF, and they thought it such a good idea that they now sell them (or rather a smaller variant).
Two racks. £7 each.
Glued together
Such a good idea! I quickly bought four racks and the last couple of days I have been assembling them, hanging them on the walls and re-organized the other shelves.
Four racks glued together and with labels on.
The labels are based on the Excel-file from Loki’s page, but I modified it to suit these racks (I can email you a copy of mine if you’re interested). They specify rack position number, paint-name and serial number for each of the Vallejo Model Color bottles. The paints are placed in the same order as the paint racks you can see in shops.
Prepared to hang on the wall
And check that you place the nut between bottles.
In place
Filled with the Vallejo Model Color bottles I have. In the bottom row I have also placed some metal colors from the Vallejo Game Color range. 
Assorted other bottles and pots placed so I can identify them easily.
And more paints and pigments
I should have bought one more rack to hold my other drop bottles, but that will be another time.
All in all, I’m very satisfied with how this turned out, as I now have a much clearer view on what paints I have.

The painting table, fit for fight.
A great buy. Highly recommended.

Welcome follower Fred Jackson with a blog called Lead Reckoning - an RPG, wargames and painting blog (with added stream of consciousness). It’s a really nice blog, well worth a look.


  1. Looks nice. Do you think Army Painter paints would fit in these paint racks?

    1. Absolutely! They have the same size of bottles, so it works well.

  2. Looking neat and tidy and very practical.Extra plus for the cylindrical plate to give support when mounting.I made a wooden paintingrack myself to be able to continue my hobby when small humans are probing.You can find my blueprints to make a rack of your own here:
    I also like the photos that show your "man-cave".Always nice to see where the magic begins.Julhälsningar från söder.

  3. Oh, I'm very impressed by your hobby rack. Quite a masterpiece.
    Expect more magic soon :-D
    God jul på dig också, om vi inte lyckas utbyta julhälsningar innan den 24:e

  4. Those paint racks are really good....I bought one a while ago.

  5. Replies
    1. and the table is getting even cleaner as I'm finishing lots of minis and removing clutter.
      I won't recognize it...

  6. I shall have to break out the old tumstock and find out what space I have available in my hobby corner. This looks very, very useful.
    In the meantime, have some Conan inspiration:

    1. It is very, very useful!
      I've seen that already and you will have to have patience a couple of days. On Friday the first Conan-mini will make an appearance here.

    2. Wohoo! Conan! Looking forward to having a game with painted minis.

    3. So I have to paint two to make you satisfied...?

    4. If you can find a scenario with only two figures, that would be enough, yes.

    5. You'll have to wait for another game, then...

    6. As if that will happen... I have to much to hurry with.
      Btw, when have you painted your modern Zombicide and Dungeon Saga and The Walking Dead and...

  7. Looks great Joakim! I use nail polish racks currently, but seeing yours and being able to hang them to the wall is making me rethink my current situation :)

  8. Looks great Joakim! I use nail polish racks currently, but seeing yours and being able to hang them to the wall is making me rethink my current situation :)

    1. That's nice. it's always fun to influence people :-)